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Beautiful curated gifts 

The Tiny Fiddle

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The Tiny Fiddle Gift Boxes

The Tiny Fiddle box is for any reason and any season, so spoil a friend with these luxe boxes they'll love and remember you for! Our Spa boxes will definitely have them relaxed and refreshed in no time. Perfect for family, friends, and you:)

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The Tiny Fiddle

Welcome to The Tiny Fiddle. My name is Lauren Dayle and I'm so glad you have visited my website. I love to give gifts and I love to design so I put the two together and decided to design gift boxes. My hope and long time dream is that through The Tiny Fiddle, I am able to design beautiful gift boxes with nice, quality products in them. I want them to be full of classy and gorgeous items and bring smiles to peoples faces.

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the easiest way to send memorable, beautiful gifts

-Lauren Dayle-

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